19 February 2010

Another Overdue Update

Ok people, so stellar blogger I am not! Time just seems to get away from me - I have really excellent intentions... I THINK about updating the blog... ;-)

So today we received "official" word from USCIS (Immigration - or officially, the Department of Homeland Security) that they have received our I-600A application.  That's pretty good - only took about one week because I didn't actually get the application to them until February 10th.  So, next we should receive a "Biometrics (fingerprint) Appointment Notice."  I can't wait to see this as our notice says that the notice will contain "the specific date, time & place where you will have your fingerprints and/or photographs taken."  Given that I work out of town A LOT, I just know that the "specific date" will likely be when I'm in Lubbock, Little Rock, Timbuktu, etc.  So, we'll see how that goes...

That's our next step.  I have the necessary information to get the two documents "certified" (meaning that the notary on them is verified by the Secretary of State) at the Oklahoma Capitol so will try to do that next week.  It's been interesting learning about "notorizing" & "Notaries" throughout this process.  Apparently, many things that get notorized are not actually notorized correctly.  Notary Publics are sent a brochure that tells them how to notorize - they are not really overseen in a consistent manner & they are not all actually "trained" on how to notarize aside from their brochure.  I'm not sure if this is true just in Oklahoma or all over.  Interesting...

Still working on making fundraising items - not enough hours in the day!!! I'll get that stuff going eventually - work has just been too busy - no complaints - a great problem to have!

So, a bit more waiting but we are steadily making progress toward sending our dossier to Ethiopia!!!!

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