19 January 2010

First Fundraiser

We decided to begin our fundraising with something near & dear to many peoples hearts - coffee!! Just Love Coffee based out of TN has been supporting orphans & adoption for some time.  They have wonderful Fair Trade coffees.  Every coffee purchase benefits our adoption directly in addition to benefiting orphans as well as coffee growers worldwide. 

Check out our store: www.justlovecoffee.com/babypenningtonsjourney.  You can purchase individual bags at a time or if you love their coffee as much as we do you can have it shipped automatically each month!

We appreciate your support of our journey!

For those of you who are also on this adoption journey, if you visit the Just Love Coffee website (http://www.justlovecoffee.com/) & click on Adoption Fundraising, you can learn more about setting up your own store if you'd like to fundraise in this manner.

18 January 2010

Compassion International in Haiti

We have now been involved as sponsors with Compassion International for several years and truly love this organization.  Compassion works in many countries around the world, including Haiti.  I have posted below a link to Compassion's most recent blog post about what they are currently doing in Haiti.  Please join our family in supporting their work.  For more information on Compassion, go to:  http://www.compassion.com/.

Haiti Earthquake Updates

Haiti Earthquake Updates

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Slow Progress

Happy Monday Everyone!

We ARE making progress in this adoption journey, albeit slow.  We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the documents we require to have our Home Study report completed as well as our Dossier.  Everything we lack is supposedly on its way to us.  At times it feels as though they are being sent via Ocean Liner or perhaps the Pony Express...

We have however received Blake's passport which we sent for just before Christmas.  We are so excited to have him travel with us when that day finally comes!  He is very excited also.

So, we are using this time to connect with others who either have gone before us or are currently in the process of adopting as well as to learn more about both adopting & about Ethiopia.

I do have a prayer request with attached praise.  One of my friends who lives in Michigan has a sister & brother-in-law who are currently in the process of adopting two little ones from Haiti.  You can imagine how difficult the past week has been for them!  Praise God, their two survived the earthquake & are currently ok.  Paul & Marisa have been on TV a few times during the past week & following one of their broadcasts (on CNN Live, I believe) a woman who heard their story sent a tanker of water to the orphanage!  Paul & Marissa are trying to get their children to the US on a Humanatarian Leave so they can finish their paperwork & adoption here.  Praise God for what he is doing in the midst of such a tragic situation & pray that God will pave the way for Paul & Marisa's little ones to be released to the States!

I'm attempting to get better at blogging on a regular basis.  Thanks to each of you who are walking beside us on this journey!  A blessed week to each of you!