15 September 2009

Moving Along...

Well, we have heard back from Gladney & have our phone orientation scheduled.  We feel like God has opened the first door and are very excited!  More to come...

13 September 2009

Getting Started

Hi everyone!  Today we (Shane, Blake & I) attended a Gladney Information Meeting as well as the Gladney Family Association of Central Oklahoma Fall Kickoff meeting.  We were able to meet people from Gladney, many families who have adopted through Gladney and many adopted little ones.   Great fun!

06 September 2009

The Beginning...

Hi family & friends...the journey begins.  We have been and continue to pray that God has planned for us the privilege of adding to our family through the miracle of adoption.  We have been researching adoption agencies and are looking at two different agencies.  We have completed an Information Sheet for the Gladney Center for Adoption in Fort Worth & sent it on its way.  We are additionally considering the America World Adoption Agency (AWAA).  We are scheduled to attend an information session with Gladney on September 13th & one with AWAA on October 3rd.  Our desire is to adopt a child from Rwanda.  We believe God has intentionally placed Rwanda in our path several times over the past couple of years & has recently opened a door with the government of Rwanda allowing adoption of orphans.  Please pray with us as we begin down this path that God will guide us & open doors for us along the way to make this a reality.  Please also pray that we are still enough to listen and that we are patient enough to follow God's timeline rather than our own.  We look forward to sharing with you along the way.

Shane, Valerie & Blake

God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.
Hebrews 11:40