28 October 2009

Ethiopia or Bust!!!!!!

We borrow this phrase from another Ethiopia adoption blog that we love because it is now official.  We just received word that we have been approved for the America World Ethiopia program! Words cannot express how blessed and thankful we feel right now.  Our "Paper Pregnancy" officially begins today.  What a gift.  More to come very soon!

03 October 2009

America World Adoption Agency

Today we attended an Information Session hosted by America World Adoption Agency.  We are thankful to have had the opportunity to meet Amber with America World and to have had the opportunity to hear the adoption stories of the Peters, the Triggs and the Moffetts.  We also enjoyed meeting Reagan, Annie, & Rosie - three of the adopted children.
We were sad to determine today that it does not appear that we will be able to adopt from Rwanda due to a new country requirement but we are happy to say we will apply for Ethiopia instead.
We have ultimately decided to apply with America World so we have completed our Initial Application and are now sending that forward.  We should hear back within 10 business days regarding acceptance into the Ethiopia program.
We should have more info soon!