30 December 2009

Long Overdue Update

Well, haven't I  been poor at updating our status? It's been a bit crazy around here doing holiday, adoption & end-of-year stuff!!  We completed our Home Study (the portion of the adoption process where a prospective family interacts with a Social Worker who through a series of visits/interviews provides education/preparation for adoption as well as assesses the prospective family) visits during the month of December & are now finishing the gathering of necessary documents so that our Social Worker, Amber, can complete her report.   We also continue to gather the necessary documents to get the Dossier (the document that we will send to the Ethiopian government for their review & acceptance) ready to be sent.  Each document is required to be just so.  We are making significant progress - yeah!
Blake is so very excited about adopting but also about being part of the process.  He did an awesome job during his interview with Amber.  He is also excited as we will go tomorrow morning to get his passport photos & to send off his passport application.  He is anxious to go to Africa!
We continue to pray daily as a family about this adoption process - that we are being obedient to what God has in store for us & to trust in Him for provision both spiritually & financially to make this adoption a reality.  We continue to be shown by Him that pursuit of this adoption is part of His plan for our lives.  Most days are up but there are times when doubt clouds my mind & I have to pray for strength & guidance.
We are working on a couple of fundraisers & will post more info soon with regard to that!
Thanks so very much to each of you that are providing prayer & support for our family - which includes our little one that we have yet to meet!  We could not make this journey without you!